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    Will Relationship Dynamics Ever Rule the World?

    Where Are We Right Now?

    I know this is far from my usual health and wellness discussion, but I felt it lined up with the emotional aspects of health. So with that being said, I have a question. Is it me, or does every other podcast video come off as some GenXYZ complaining about their role in the relationship? What’s going on? I must admit I missed when life was simpler or whatever that may mean to you.

    Now, some men are earning more due to other means of financial gain through other accessible platforms, which puts them in another head space that is well a big inflated. Now, this also includes women as well. You don’t get to go unscathed, ma’am.

    The energy everyone is giving off is “It’s the I hate you” for me. Stop with the madness one cannot live without the other. With as much technology as we have, how is communication the one thing everyone has the most significant challenge? That’s right, they have too much communication, everyone is trying to speak over the other, and no one is listening. Got it!

    Image by 1MilliDollars via Unsplash

    Everyone’s Perspective Is Just That!

    The constant berating and blaming are getting no one anywhere, and no problems are being resolved. What started as one has now grown like cancer overnight. But for me, as someone witnessing pure madness, it’s hard to conclude. And I’m the type if I have a problem, one must first come up with a solution, the old Army way. At this point, it’s just the mass over-talking one another.

    We get it. Men don’t want to get married anymore due to the unfair acts of the justice system when it comes to divorce. Women want to marry and become housewives. Men want to play while the cats are away but don’t want women who are messing with random men. First off, sir, diseases are real and still rampant. Do you realize you ARE that lucky man, right? Make it make sense. Women want to have the option to be at home when reality doesn’t bring home the same energy grandma did when we were growing up. We know that you are not cooking from scratch and prioritizing home. It’s more flexing than anything. So now, everyone wants to flex on everyone.

    But in reality, I have to blame a lot on most of the parties involved in upbringing. If you were never shown love, how would you know what to receive from others or for yourself even? Many people I come across fear being alone or are just socially awkward and unrelatable. They don’t even know what they want for themselves! Sorry, I’m a bit passionate about individuals arguing about something that doesn’t require an argument.

    Image by Shawnee_D via Unsplash

    In Conclusion

    If you don’t like something, change yourself, the situation, the idea, or the environment. Ha! I noticed I never said the person. You are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you. If you have a preference, it’s not for you to persuade someone to be that thing that you prefer. That’s just selfish, and it’s not for you to judge someone for not being that preference you’re into. Politely say, “No, thank you, I’m not interested.”

    I’m not perfect, and I’m nice enough to get clarification on what someone wants or their expectations. And if we come to a bump in the road, you have the option to get over the bump and move forward or go your separate ways. Dating with purpose does not have to be complicated. There is always something out there that suits everyone’s needs. Being a jerk about it is not the answer.

    I hope I can share what I want to share without being too judgemental about the entire situation. But I’m tired of this topic being on my for you page and reels. I’m completely exhausted, and it’s not that serious. Please enjoy life as you see fit and as best you can.

    I do not have any references for this blog because it is not one of my regular conversations. So if you have anything to share, please feel free to comment.

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