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    Well, don’t make this awkward; I also have some changes to make. Just like most, COVID-19 changed my life also. I was already on my journey for change. Imagine how hard it was for me to literally be trapped in Afghanistan; the only place to have an outlet was now permanently closed.

    My daily gym routine was cut completely off, but the food was still abundant. Not to mention all that was happening in the world made me incredibly hyper-emotional. The responsible thing to do was to blame myself for not taking advantage of the time outside the gym, but a lot was happening.

    So after nearing 290lbs, I decided to embark on a new journey to health and wellness, and I would like you to join, whether for encouragement, accountability, or to begin your journey. Here I go more into detail about what recipes I favored, the purpose of specific nutrition, and the physical aspect behind health and wellness.

    Started Detoxing The Body During Your Journey

    Because I’m attending the knowledge for Health & Wellness, I look forward to sharing new information I’ve learned throughout the process. Creating new teas, juices, and smoothies to help rid the body of unwanted toxins. Which I hope is useful to you in whatever aspect of your life you currently reside.

    But in the meantime, I can share what I am accessible to and ensure that I can share that information with everyone who comes across my blog. I’d be happy to help anyone struggling with the same things as myself.

    Food is my biggest weakness; I can’t help it; I’m a southern girl, and all things American develop any celebration around food. I’m an emotional eater, so I acquired different ways to get my emotions under control. Is it working, in some aspects, yes?

    DFAC quality meals are already prepped!

    Back to Working On My Fitness Journey

    Ha! Ha! Don’t read that much into it. I meant exactly what I said. Joining a new gym, with the works might I add. Getting back into the swing of things can be difficult but worth it. Here we discuss my recent interest in yoga and maybe Zumba. L.O.L.! But for now, allow me to just enjoy the few things I’m capable of doing. As a veteran, I have other inflictions I must consider.

    Below is a picture of me after my third tour in Afghanistan, talking about dedication. Where did that go?! I was in the gym 4 hours a day, two hours before a 12-hour shift and two hours afterward. I was on a rigorous regiment, which included calisthenics, weight lifting, boxing, and cardio. I wish I were still that dedicated to myself, but life has so many obstacles time gets away from you. Either way, I was proud of what I’d done then, and I’m still proud of what I can do. I will get back to myself, and I just have to learn to be patient with myself and continue with self-love in that portion of my journey.

    The goal for optimal health

    Honing My NuBeing 

    Let me not stray from you in my attempt to become a new being (NuBeing). During this journey, there will be more meaningful journeys as well as Spiritual, mental, and emotional cleansing. Removing unhealthy energy and past traumas can be a big deal. So this will be considered the great cleansing.

    Here is to living up to my expectations for myself and living in my most optimal health. Should this be an incredible journey for us both, either way, I hope that you can do just as much in the process.

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