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    How to Decorate a Circle Room…?

    That’s right, what you just read is the same expression I had when moving into my new apartment here in Tallahassee, Florida. So this has been challenging for me in and of itself. Trust the room looks way more significant than it is in reality. The apartment complex is 53 years old and has some exciting floor plans. I promise I’ve moved the furniture in this apartment five times. Not knowing how or where to put what or where.

    The Modest Mood Board

    So I decided to take my time with coming up with a decor idea when putting this particular circular room together. Please remember that I am still a working-class citizen and do this in my spare time and within a budget. Since I have a lot of the items currently the remaining items, I will have to either purchase them online or come up with some extensive thrifting. And because the room itself is unique, I didn’t want to clutter it with more than needed. This may take away its unique characteristic of being a circular room.

    Round Room Idea Board

    The Reality

    I asked professionals about getting the correct measurements in a round room. And, like most, they were at a loss. Considering the space itself is not a complete circle (imagine more of a Pacman shape), regardless, they are amazed. I’m even more shocked that no one could give me a lead; these buildings have been around since 1969. I agree it’s seriously due for some upgrading on a new level; that’s another topic for another day. Granted, I may not have been looking in the best places for resources or contacted the correct people. But we will try and make it work. I have to plan and design like a renter.

    In Conclusion

    This room gets the most sun, and well, considering it’s Florida, it’s relatively friendly. I hope to use this apartment area as a reading and lounging area. Most guests, when they come over, this is the first place they tend to flock to due to its characteristics. I agree it is an eyecatcher, and I want to play on that. So, with that being said, I will try my best to record the process when I have more items to move forward.

    Stay Tuned!!!

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