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    Since starting this blog, life has been a constant rollercoaster for me. Earlier I spoke about my new journey in life. I’m not in my forty’s and moved my family and myself to Florida. Though Florida is lovely, I’m seriously getting the honest tea on this place.

    Image by Ryan Franco via Unsplash

    Things that make you go, hmm…

    So allow me to stop stalling. Since August, I have been a Floridian for over a year. What have I learned since being here? I stay in a predominant college town, which for someone with my level of patience is, in short….annoying.

    • None driving citizens.
    • The gnats….don’t get me started.
    • Humidity!
    • The price gouging…geez!
    Image by Brooke Lark via Unsplash

    Okay, I like that.

    But it’s not all bad. Over time, my family and I got to learn about the city. And though it has many little treasures, it can be promising if you still want that Georgia/Florida feel. I love the tropical climate, and I’m not mad about it at all. The goal is to move further down and learn more about Florida. I love it here!

    • The food is phenomenal!
    • There is always transportation.
    • On occasion, you find someone that is helpful.
    • My favorite is the markets.

    Here’s how it’s going

    In this short time, I’ve learned a new skill and started and quit a relatively new job. Crazy right?! Hear me out, during my time with this job, I developed high blood pressure, put on forty extra pounds, and was always in a constant state of stress. Something in my spirit was just done with that area of my life. So I quit.

    The goal afterward was just to push this blog and make content for my channel and social media, and I’ll be honest with you I was in a weird place and had no idea what I wanted to write. In a way, I still am not decisive, but I do have an idea about it. So I will keep you posted on that future possibility.

    Well, that is just a little taste of the beginning of my journey. I hope you can relate or tell me about your experience with your journey or experience here in Florida. Either way, I want to hear from you.

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